CEC: Information Society Technologies Thematic Network (Working Group) "Information Society For All"

Project Calendar

Date Project Event
15 November 2003 6th IS4ALL Seminar jointly with Eurorec' 2003
26 June 2003 5th IS4ALL Seminar
13-14 December 2002 IS4ALL at Eurorec'2002
23 October 2002 4th IS4ALL Seminar & 2nd IS4ALL Thematic Workshop
25-29 August 2002 3rd IS4ALL Seminar & 1st Workshop at MIE'2002
17 May 2002 5th PMC meeting
13 December 2001 2nd IS4ALL Seminar,
Pyramids, Place Rogier,
Brussels, Belgium
16 November 2001 4th PMC meeting,
Brussels, Belgium
19 October 2001 1st IS4ALL Seminar,
EHTEL Conference,
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
4 August 2001 IS4ALL Focus Group,
New Orleans, USA
22 June 2001 3rd PMC Meeting,
Brussels, Belgium
7 March 2001 2nd PMC Meeting,
Thessaloniki, Greece
27 October 2000 IST Concertation Meeting,
Florence, Italy
28 October 2000 IS4ALL Kick-off (1st PMC) Meeting,
Florence, Italy


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