CEC: Information Society Technologies Thematic Network (Working Group) "Information Society For All"

Co-ordinating Contractor

The Institute of Computer Science ( ICS ) is one of the 6 Institutes of the Foundation for Research and Technology-Hellas ( FORTH ). It conducts basic and applied research, develops applications and products, and provides services in the fields of: information systems, software technology, digital telecommunications, network management, parallel architectures and distributed systems, computer vision and robotics, computer architectures, design of digital and microelectronics systems, VLSI systems, computer aided design, medical informatics and Health Telematics, image management and communication, human-computer interaction, assistive technology, machine learning, decision support systems, formal methods in concurrent systems, etc.

In the field of Human - Computer Interaction (scientific responsible Prof. C. Stephanidis), FORTH-ICS has developed new methodologies for the construction of user interfaces for interactive applications and telematic services, that are accessible, usable and acceptable by all users in the emerging Information Society. This work has been based on the principles of "Design for All" and "Universal Access" and the outcomes have contributed to the international literature the concept of "User Interfaces for All", and the Unified User Interface Development framework (methodologies and tools). FORTH-ICS has also participated in international support (horizontal) activities, including studies on technical innovation and technology transfer in the Assistive Technology field, and standardisation activities in Human - Computer Interaction. Recent support activities include: models enabling the study of demand relationships, and of diffusion, in the Assistive Technology market in Europe; general purpose taxonomies of criteria for focusing on specific domains and products in the Assistive Technology market; a decision support space depicting alternative situations, conditions and objectives of entry and success in the Assistive Technology market; strategy and policy tools, technology transfer mechanisms and recommendations for standardisation and legislation; contribution to international standardisation activities.

In the field of Healthcare Telematics (scientific responsible Prof. S. Orphanoudakis), research activities at FORTH-ICS are primarily concerned with the development of innovative computer methods and tools in the area of medical informatics. Specific goals also include the design and development of integrated hospital information systems, telematic applications in medicine, and added-value information services in the Healthcare sector. Current research activities emphasise the intelligent management of medical data in distributed multimedia databases, real-time resource management in regional or national tele-medicine networks, methodologies and strategies for the integration of heterogeneous information systems, the processing and analysis of multimedia medical data, particularly 2D and 3D images, and the indexing and retrieval of medical images based on their content. FORTH-ICS has the responsibility for the scientific and technical co-ordination for the development of HYGEIAnet, the integrated Health Telematics network of Crete and the Healthcare Information Infrastructure required for the support of seamless and continuous care and the provision of integrated health telematic services to the users


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