CEC: Information Society Technologies Thematic Network (Working Group) "Information Society For All"

Call for Participation

1st Seminar on Universal access:
A practitioner's guide for the design of Health Telematics applications and services

19 October 2001,
EHTEL Conference, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Organised by the IS4ALL (IST IST-1999-14101) project
in co-operation with MS-HUGe and EHTEL


IS4ALL (Information Society for All) is an EC-funded Thematic Network (Working Group) aiming to advance the principles and practice of Universal Access in Information Society Technologies, by establishing a wide, interdisciplinary and closely collaborating network of experts to provide the European IT&T industry in general, and Health Telematics in particular, with a comprehensive code of practice on how to appropriate the benefits of universal design. The IS4ALL Working Group is co-ordinated by ICS-FORTH (GR), and the members are: MS-HUGe (B), EHTEL (B), CNR-IFAC (I), FhG-FIT (D), INRIA (F) and FhG-IAO (D). The specific technological and scientific objectives to be attained by IS4ALL can be summarised as follows:

  • Consolidate existing knowledge on Universal Access in the context of Information Society Technologies, which is currently dispersed across different international sites and actors, into a comprehensive code of design practice.
  • Translate the consolidated wisdom to concrete recommendations for emerging technologies (e.g., emerging desktop and mobile platforms) in a critical application domain, which is Healthcare Telematics.
  • Demonstrate the validity and applicability of the recommendations in the context of concrete scenarios drawn from an experimental regional Healthcare Telematics network.
  • Promote the Universal Access principles and practice in Healthcare Telematics through a mix of outreach activities which include seminars and participation in major international conferences, concertation meetings, and project clustering events.

Objective of the seminar

IS4ALL organises its 1st seminar in collaboration with the EHTEL 2001 Conference. This is the first of a series of seminars with the objective to introduce Health Telematics practitioners to the concepts of universal design and universal access, how they are being taken up and accounted for in different sectors of the industry and their relevance to the Health Telematics domain.


Participants will be introduced to the following topics: (i) state of the art in universal design; (ii) review methods and techniques currently in use; (iii) foundations of conceptual frame of reference for introducing universal access into Health Telematics applications and services. Moreover, parallels with user-centred design will be drawn to sketch common ground and potential differentiation. The focus will be spread evenly on process-requirements for universal design and exemplar artefact specifications embodying features of universal design. Reference to recent case studies will help the audience become acquainted with the underlying concepts and principles.


Everyone who is interested in the design, implementation or evaluation of interactive systems, including user interface designers, developers, managers, usability professionals, human factors engineers, HCI researchers, technical writers, and others. Appropriate for beginners as well as seasoned professionals.

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