CEC: Information Society Technologies Thematic Network (Working Group) "Information Society For All"

The XVIIth International Congress of the European Federation for Medical Informatics

3rd IS4ALL Seminar "Universal Access Tools in e-Health
- health care support in data and knowledge"

Sponsors: EUROREC institute, IS4ALL
Tutors: Rolf Engelbrecht, Dipak Kalra, Gerard Freriks, Constantine Stephanidis, Georges de Moor


Electronic health records (EHR) will be in future health care a resource for management and decision support in multiple situations. For the developer of health information systems it is important to be guided in his work mostly in the acquisition, storage of data and the access to it.

Participants will be introduced to the following topics: (i) standards in EHR and its implementation strategies; (ii) state of the art in universal design; (iii) review methods and techniques currently in use; (iv) foundations of conceptual frame of reference for introducing universal access into Health Telematics applications and services. Moreover, parallels with user-centred design will be drawn to sketch common ground and potential differentiation. The focus will be spread evenly on standards for EHR, process-requirements for universal design and exemplar artefact specifications embodying features of universal design. Reference to recent case studies will help the audience become acquainted with the underlying concepts and principles.

Everyone who is interested in the design, implementation or evaluation of interactive systems, including user interface designers, developers, managers, usability professionals, human factors engineers, HCI researchers, technical writers, and others. Appropriate for beginners as well as seasoned professionals.


1st IS4ALL Workshop "Universal Access in Health Telematics"

Chair: Prof. Constantine Stephanidis
Duration: 90 minutes

Technical description:

This workshop aims to demonstrate by means of concrete examples the process and specific design techniques that can be used to facilitate universal access to Electronic Patient Records in Health Telematics. The methodology to be presented and the examples constitute part of the work of the European Commission funded Thematic Network (Working Group) "Information Society for All" (IS4ALL) .

One of the main targets in the project's approach is to provide practical tools for designers to realize interactive services, which can be accessed by anyone, anytime, anywhere. This entails consideration of diversity in a variety of dimensions (users, contexts of use and platforms of interactions) and understanding of the global execution context of tasks.

The workshop will be organized in two main stages. The first stage will be devoted to elaborating representative Health Telematics scenarios in which universal access is a prominent target. In the second stage, workshop participants will be exposed to the IS4ALL methodology and the techniques being developed.


The workshop is intended for Health Telematics professionals who have a broad understanding of current and emerging trends in e-health. The workshop is expected to be of particular interest to project managers, designers and developers of applications and services involving the use of Electronic Patient Records.


The outcomes of the workshop are two-fold. First to raise awareness of participants on how universal access can be practically approached in the context of Health Telematics. Secondly, IS4ALL seeks to elicit constructive feedback from actions in the field to inform future technical activities. Finally, a brief workshop report summarizing the activity will be drafted and submitted to the Springer Journal "Universal Access in the Information Society" .

IS4ALL Project Coordinator
Prof. Constantine Stephanidis
Institute of Computer Science, Foundation for Research and Technology-Hellas,
Science & Technology Park of Crete, Heraklion, Crete, GR-71110 GREECE
tel: +30 810 391741, fax: +30 810 391740

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