CEC: Information Society Technologies Thematic Network (Working Group) "Information Society For All"


IS4ALL seeks to establish a wide, interdisciplinary and closely collaborating "network of experts" (Working Group) to provide the European Health Telematics industry with a comprehensive information package detailing how to appropriate the benefits of Universal Design. The specific technological / scientific objectives to be attained by IS4ALL can be summarised as follows:

  • Consolidate existing knowledge on Universal Access in the context of Information Society Technologies, which is currently dispersed across different international sites and actors, into a comprehensive code of design practice.

  • Translate the consolidated wisdom to concrete recommendations for emerging technologies (e.g., emerging desktop and mobile platforms) in a critical application domain, which is Health Telematics.

  • Demonstrate the validity and applicability of the recommendations in the context of concrete scenarios drawn from an experimental regional Health Telematics network.

  • Promote the Universal Access principles and practice in Health Telematics through a mix of outreach activities which include seminars and participation in major international conferences, concertation meetings, and project clustering events.


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